A unique product arrives on the market:
SoYummi soy mousse

A new healthy and tasty snack-dessert

Montreal, March 8, 2002 –SoYummi Foods Inc., an innovative Quebec food corporation, is proud to announce the launch of its first product line based on organic soybeans. SoYummi's snack-dessert mousse is unique in North America. It is distinguished by its light texture, its refined flavour and its practical individual packaging. This new product is the answer to increasing consumer demand for nutritional foods, healthy and additive free. In addition, the mousse is an excellent source of isoflavones, active compounds contained in soy that have a preventative effect against such diseases as breast cancer and osteoporosis.

Twelve years of research and development
This innovative product is the result of 12 years of research and development by Joanne Hollander, a chef specializing in vegetarian cuisine and the founder and president of SoYummi Foods Inc. "After discovering that my son Aaron suffered from lactose intolerance and having realized the potential of soy milk, I started to develop this mousse. I experimented vigorously to produce a product that would allow you to savour a dessert that is smooth, delicious, and nutritional. It was quite a challenge to transform a personal recipe into a commercial product." commented Joanne Hollander.

To bring her project to fruition, she gathered together a number agri-food specialists, such as Dr. James Smith of the Food Science Department of MacDonald College in Ste-Anne de Bellevue, Mr. Roland Degani, specialist in R&D and food production, Mr. Patrick Fusier, doctor of food chemistry at Université Laval, and Mr. Petion Roy, food processes engineer at the Food Research and Development Centre (FRDC) in St Hyacinthe.

"Creating a mousse for commercial production is always a challenge. In fact, stabilizing the mousse in a manner that ensures its texture remains stable over time is a notable achievement. Many industry giants have attempted it without success. SoYummi mousse is truly an innovative product."

Petion Roy, food processes engineer of the CRDA

A highly nutritional product that meets consumer demand
A study conducted in 1999 by the National Institute of Nutrition, in collaboration with Health Canada, revealed that 70% of Canadians read nutritional information labels and take their contents into consideration when purchasing food. Since 1992, organic products have shown a 20% growth in the United States. A similar curve is shown in Canada.

The SoYummi soy mousse meets the needs of consumers who display an increasing awareness of health considerations and are concerned with the quality of their foods.

Various clinical studies have brought to light the numerous nutritional benefits of soy for the health of the general public and of women in particular. Soybeans contain isoflavones, promising active nutritional compounds. These compounds belong to the phyto-estrogen family, natural plant-based hormones that closely resemble the body's natural estrogens.

The isoflavones that are found in soy-based products have a significant effect on:
• preventing certain hormone-dependant cancers, such as breast and endometrial cancer;
• relieving symptoms related to menopause (i.e. hot flashes);
• reducing the risks associated with cardiovascular diseases;
• increased protection against osteoporosis.

It should be noted that one 125 g portion of SoYummi mousse provides 11 mg of isoflavones, more than 20%1 of the daily intake recommended to achieve the full benefit of soy. The mousse is also low in saturated fats and cholesterol free.

"SoYummi mousse is delicious at any time. You can serve it as a gourmet dessert after an elegant meal, slip it into your lunch bag, or simply enjoy it as a handy snack whenever you need an energy boost." says Joanne Hollander.

SoYummi mousse is offered in four popular flavours: raspberry, lime, chocolate, and coco-banana. Distributed by Liberté Inc., it will be available in supermarkets the first week of April.

Information : Chantale Baar, Johanne Carrier Communications Inc.

Tel. : (514) 288-3233 / (514) 992-6463

Source : SoYummi Foods Inc.


1 Dr Kenneth Setchell, Department of Pediatrics, University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, Cincinnati OH, USA